Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a justified war!

in a latest report by the US senate, declares that there were no formal links between saddam and the al-qaeda leaders prior to the iraqwar 2003. which was obviously one of the main basis of the war-against-terrorism of bush[or should i say USA]. the White House was still trying to make the connection between the former Iraqi leader and al-Qaeda in an attempt to justify the war in Iraq.
source : BBC.

somehow, i dont knw y, i feel like laughing. somehow these were all known to every person in this world that there is no basis in the iraq war. u dont need the brains of einstein to understand the reason why bush/USA wanted and attacked iraq. even a donkey without a brain can guess that. and what is this - white house tryin to justify the war!!! this wasnt a war. this was an aggression. and how on earth a war can be justified!!! what an idea! a justified war? well, i will be damned......

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