Wednesday, September 06, 2006

new service of google

as a software engineer, companies like google, yahoo, mozilla etc are dreamland to me. they are constantly building softwares to support internet users. i always wondered how did people live the days without google! there is a new saying, "you wanna know something? ask google!"

ok, im gettin a little too excited. let me come to the point. google has launched a new service called the news archive search. its a specialized search engine that has numerous news/article sources like the New York Time and the Guardian from UK. along with that news aggregator, websites which collect and display news stories from multiple sources. users can search for events, people, ideas and see how they have been described over time. users can get an historical overview of the results by browsing an automatically created timeline. it also includes whether the news is free or needs a fee. related news results of a time are grouped together.

features -
- search diverse source
- browse timelines of events and stories
- identify key time periods
- discover variety of viewpoints

so the news geeksNpricks jump for it. go google go....:D

source : BBC, About


Unknown said...

extendable post summery er post ta koi gelo? :-s but ideata joss hoise :D Tobe 1000 line front page er jonnyo onek beshi na? arektu komay de.

Unknown said...

***1000 character

Shakia said...

umm.. clueless.. :-s

Anonymous said...

shafi, i have hidden the post for the time being, coz there was a bug in the code.... and im clueless too...:-S the problem in the code was like this - it shows only the first 1000 character in the main page. but i have found out that some of the posts in the archive page shows zero content...:-? and i couldnt find out what the problem is..... im in a 7 days vacation now. i will try to solve the problem and post it again. if u knw what is the reason behind, please tell me. i will be very much obligued....

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