Tuesday, September 05, 2006


myths and mythical characters always fascinated me. i have read a lot about this subject. but the only problem is i cant remember the details much. here is what i have found -

phoenix, is a sacred mythical bird/firebird, that dies in flames and is reborn from ashes. it is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. according to the myths it regenerates when hurt/wounded/attcked by the enemy. that makes this kind an immortal one. you just cant eliminate them all. it lives around 500 years and when the time comes it gathers cinnamon twigs in his(its a male bird) nest and ignites the nest. the phoenix along with its nest burns to ashes, from which rises a new young phoenix. it is called fenghunag in chinese, bennu in egypt, huma in persian and garuda in sanskrit.

these myhtological creatures are very romantic. :-?

source - wikipedia


roopkotha said...
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roopkotha said...

Another interesting thing abt phoenix is that it has a healing power..phoenix diminishes into ashes and a new is reborn.i felt tht this process a sorrow inside it- a baby is born at the cost of its own mother!!

aragorn said...

roopkotha... you can take it this way, a baby is reborn from its own ashes.thats why they are the symbol of immortality...:D thanx anyway.

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