Monday, September 04, 2006

random thoughts

i had no work to do today, all day long. it wasnt a holiday offcourse. others are all very busy, not only my colleages, my friends, my family, the kid on the street, even the man-who-does-nothing, everyone is this world seems to be busy these days.

did you ever try to do nothing. i mean actually doing the idea "nothing". not just relaxing or sleeping or something. i have been trying to do "nothing". found out that it is not possible to do "nothing".

so i started messing up this site and its templates. adding new hacks, deleting things those were unnecessary. still there are many things remaining i can see. i got used to these lines codes! i already am missing them. hahahahahahahah.... B-)

hmmm, its messed up allright. can i call this doing nothing???? :-?


Aisha said...

I find that I work on my blog when I have a million more pressing thins to do, but when I have nothing better to do, I can't seem to be bothered with it. So at least on your "nothing" days you do things such as tinker with this :)

Unknown said...

I think I liked the three column design. :P

aragorn said...

thanx aisha....:D

shafi... i liked it too...:-S... well i think i'll get used to it soon.

Anonymous said...

shoja bhashay bolte gele negta dekha jachche :( tobe ami bolbo na eta ager cheye kharap :S .. akhonkarta chokher jonno aramdayok... room ache onek... dekhe shanti lage ...

kintu.. HANGMAN KOI GELO??? x-( mani naaaaa :'(

aragorn said...

shoja bhashay ja bolla ta dekhe karo aram lage bole jantam na... ;))...:P

template niya bishal genjam e porsilam tokhon hangman hanged hoye gese....:(

Anonymous said...

"If you would like a free Bangla/English Injil Sharif, please email and provide your name, address, thana name, and phone number, and your Injil will be delivered in within a couple of weeks."

Anonymous said...

amar kono dosh nai :$ amio manush :P amar roomy blog bhalo lage... tobe akhon font khub beshii choto dekhachche

aragorn said...

ok, i will increase the fonts a little for u...:D

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