Sunday, September 03, 2006

belated blog day 2006

how come i hadnt heard of it before! i couldnt log into the net on 31st august. so when today i came to my office and started checking mails and blogs, i found out there is one blog day and it was last thursday. hmm. anyway Belated-Happy(!) -Blog-Day to everybloggy(!) in this world. now what is the idea behind this blog day? while searching for it ive found out that there is one maintained by Nir Ofir, editor in chief of an Israeli web portal. and he claims its his brain child. he said -
"the date 3108 (August 31st) looks like the word “Blog”. I have noticed it when I was in the first Blog conference that was held in Israel and I doodled it on a paper. On that day I started the BlogDay idea." - Nir Ofir.

its allright. im glad that someone has started the idea. but 5 NEW blogs should be recommended by me. so that readers/visitors to my site gets to know about other good, readable blogs. ahem. i have one question though, to whom it may concern - what is a NEW blog? blog that i found out recently or blogs that my visitors havent found out yet? in my opinion recommendable blogs that i found out recently are infact very old...khekz. and those that are not recommendable shouldnt be recommended, right? now now, dont get crazy. im just kiddin a little. i think i have allready recommended 5 sites on the right side bar of my site. i dub thee(s) sites as my recommended sites....:P... along with them u can visit perpetually befuddled aisha.

oopsie. when i was going through this post in search of errors that i most frequently do, i found out only 1 of the 5 sites on my right side bar is regular in bloggin. and that is rajputro aka shafi. Dipu is not blogging for months now. Shakia came back a few days back and most probably will go in hibernation once again :-? audity and samara just blocked their site from public access. ahemmm. im feeling confused. i suddenly found out the blogs that i used to read and comment on, are no more :(. bless them. I feel so alooooooone bohoooooo......


Unknown said...

Happy blog day dosto :D
Dipur ki hoise?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated blog day :D
if i blocked my site frm public access you wouldn't have been on the 'public' list man! Don't feel alone.. i'm sure we'll all be around one way or another :)


aragorn said...

dipur ki hoise allah jane. ektu beshi bz.

audity, anonymous audity looks like an idea rather than an entity. bhuter moto mone hochhe.... :-S.... kinba ghor nai emon keu... :P... not kiddin. i hope u, uve got what i mean. so dont let go of ur home.

Aisha said...

Salaam, thanks for the shout out :)

aragorn said...

salam to u too. actually i like shoutin... :D

Anonymous said...

Anonymous audity ke amaro pochondo na :( ghorhin thakte kar bhalo lage bolen! :P i totally get what u mean.. but sometimes we can't hold on to things that we really want..

aragorn said...

hmmm .... :(

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