Sunday, March 18, 2007

cricket world cup 2007

i came to office today, a little content, as Bangladesh has won against India in their first match in the cricket world cup 2007. it is a good victory for a corruption worn country like Bangladesh. when we cant see anything(some are improving these days; lets see how long) improving in here, Bangladesh cricket team gives an opportunity of celebration and joy. true, we haven't won the world cup or haven't ensured the super 8 in the least, but winning against a good team is always enthusiastic and encouraging.

this feels so good, because i was watching the match through an Indian channel and these people don't even want to think about losing to Bangladesh. but face the truth dear, and follow your own ad where you say "jhut boltahe o log jo boltahe daar nahin lagta". :P and certainly this wasn't a fluke. everybody knew very well that Bangladesh will try to win the match and thus India was prepared for it. Bangladesh won by playing better in all the sectors. now we are expecting srilanka will beat India as well, so that our path gets clear.

another thing that caught my eyes is an Pepsi ad where the Indians are shown as royal Bengal tigers! i thought it meant Bangladeshi team. what i found out is both of the countries national animal is royal bengal tiger. hmmm.... now thats embarrassing. :-?

while watching the match till late night i was worried about attending the office! i will sure drowse the whole day. so as i was expecting Bangladesh to win the match i wanted them to make it as fast as they can(!!!) so i can have a little more sleep. also expecting they would not be hasty and lose all the wickets in this winning position as they are used to do. only habibul bashar played like dumb and gave up the wicket for nothing. such immaturity!

additionally Pakistan is out of the world cup. :D......... so cheers guyz. keep up the good work!

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Siddhartha De said...

As an Indian it was not pleasant to see India lose in the manner they did. In fact, I had a sleepless night.

I have been trying to find consolation all day. What I have come up with is, do we deserve to win ? After what the nation has done to our Sourav, one of our greatest sons. And it's fitting that a group of Bongs ( albeit East Bongs) rubbed Rahul's nose in the dirt ! And the only person who put up any resistance for India was our 'Sera Bong" ! Poetic justice , eh !

After India exits along with our arch rivals together with the likes of Bermuda and Netherlands in the preliminary round, I would love to see Rahul and his mentor , the abominable Greg ( "the C in Bengali A-Z"), receive kicks on their rearsides.

My fervent hope is that after the ignominious exit, Ganguly will reluctantly accept pleas for taking up the leader's mantle once again, undo the damage done by scoundrels like Kiran More and Sharad Pawar, build up a decent Indian squad , before retiring with his head held high ! Long live Bengal !

And our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters, with my home team gone, I will stay up to watch your games. Let us pray that on 28 April, the whole world listens to 'Amar Sonar Bangla'.

Shakia said...

AA!!! We won!! Bagerbachhara ashole khela dekhai dilo!!! :-P

Unknown said...


I was actually enjoying the advertisement which showed tigers were coming at the end of it. Just consider the irony!

aragorn said...

siddhartha, dont knw what u meant by 'bong' but my prayer is to watch bangladesh in super 8 now. :D

yahoo!!! ...(to shafi and shakia) :D

Anonymous said...

dhuru beta.. ki shob koilo kisui bujhlam na x-( looking for excuses eh! moruk shalara x-( ... shafi bhaia goo ki? :P =)) dekhe google er goo mone hoi.. oder to deshi gu khawa dorkar :P...

tarek bhaia, apnare to writer's block e dhorse .. amare moth reader and writer's blog e dhorse :S ato impatient hoye gesi :( .... jai hok.. thank god ur hangman is back .. khikzz... i love it :$

goodluck with blogging :)

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