Sunday, March 25, 2007

good luck bangladesh

so srilanka has made it easier for bangladesh. we were calculating about various situations where bangladesh has to achieve some impossible targets. as we lost the last game to srilanka by such huge difference, our net run rate gone to negative, to such a point it was difficult to overcome and get chance in super eight. now only Bermuda is ahead of our dream come true. as the match fixing is polluting the gentleman's game, we were worried about srilanka not trying to win the match against india. though srilanka was never alleged for fixing ever, but you never know, right?

anyway bangladesh, its almost as easy as sitting in a train without having to do nothing else but staying in it! the train will take us to destination! (sorry for this lame metaphor... :P) ... 150 million people are waiting to see you guyz qualifying in the super 8. please don't break our hearts!

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