Monday, March 26, 2007

go bangladesh go!

after the much rain affected match bangladesh was able to beat bermuda and get ticket for the super 8! which off course makes a history for the bangladeshi cricket. sorry india. while watching the game last night i was listening to our local radio and heard a very wise advise which fans should follow, - "as long as the team is winning, don't criticize. if they have lost a game, you can criticize them if you want but dont harm them/ try to harm/ burn their effigies/house." because its true that we were expecting from them something better and they have failed us, but they also make us proud on other times. i heard that indian fans went crazy and taking destructive actions to show their anger. i am just happy that bangladeshi cricket fans doesn't have this kind of attitude(!) though we criticize our team like hell when they lose. for example we knew srilanka will beat us in the group match but we expected the players to play like professionals. when you cant win you can at least try to keep the net run rate as much up as possible. take risk for your dream, but don't jump from the bridge when you can see there is only concrete roads beneath you.

thank god that bashar chose to field first. because i don't like these over curtail and Duckworth-Lewis method thingy.[DL calcualtor] they will turn your winning game to a nightmare. for example SA had to take 22 runs in 1 ball during a past world cup match. its a game, not some mathematical thesis. there should be some kind of touch of reality to ensure the given target is not impossible to achieve.

anyways, so we are now in the super eight. lets have our fingers crossed and hope that bengal tigers will bite some more teams in their.

wishing every bangladeshi a victorious independence day.

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go ahead Bangladesh, we keep always with bangladesh.

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