Sunday, April 01, 2007


in cricket wickets are like money you can spend. it depends on your ability/sense to use the money in the right way in the lifetime(50 overs). today bangladesh had all the money, but in a 22 overs span. now think that your lifetime is shortened and you have all the money you wanted to spend in your expected natural lifetime! just think about the opportunity! we have spent them with very poor result. :(

what i liked about this night - the cool breeze after a hot sunny day.

what amazes me about australia - to others the cricket is a game. to australia its child-play.

what i despise about australia - they play like robots.

what should be done - australia should be disqualified as they dont face any competition.

what irritated me mostly tonight - the remote controller. it isn't working when i want. and i found out that each time i press a button and it isnt responding, i feel pain on my fingertip! and also it seems hard too!! :-?

watched "dejavu" of denzel washington in the cineplex. its about time traveling. they wanted to make a science fiction and ended up with a science fantasy(does this line make sense)! rating 6 out of 10.


Anonymous said...

what i liked about this blog..u r trying to b optimistic these days!! Another small Australia cricket is not a child play..its highly professional activity! Rest of the world, its still just a game!!

aragorn said...

oi hoilo... lau ar kodu...:P the point is they belong to another separate league...

and what you got wrong about me... im not being optimistic... im just not expressing my anger as much i was used to....:P

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the most common nick i got from my friends is angry-kid or anger management(needed). i normally see the glass half empty. the ideas i believe in are mostly laughed at by people. as much irritated, saddist pessimistic as a human being can be....X-(