Monday, June 18, 2007


as a internet user i find mozilla firefox a very cool, lightweight, convenient browser. and the thing i like most about it is the extensions available to be used. anyways i wont elaborate the matter because most advanced user knows about it. let me get to the point, here is a very helpful extension stumble upon, which helps you find random sites of your interest. if you have enough time and sitting in front of the pc wondering what you want to browse, just install this extension and start clicking it stumble button. the rest is done by it.

here are some cool links that i found today...

1. reading test
2. Some storm pics
3. draw space
4. flash painting board
5. hey math

by the way... if u r not a firefox user... jump into it. it has a very good user experience and its totally free. Get your firefox from here.


Mahmudul Hasan said...

Firefox is not lightweight, Internet explorer is the one who deserves to be called lightweight.

But I am forced to use Firefox, coz I cant live without the cool addons it supports.

By the way Tarek bhai, How are you ?

aragorn said...

and can u explain the reason behind it??? :-?... so that i dont make the mistake again... :P

asi motamoti... tomar khbr ki??

Mahmudul Hasan said...

Run Internet Explorer and Firefox side by side, and check their memory usage. You will see that firefox uses huge memory.

Right now, in my pc, Firefox is using 130 MB of Ram, while IE is using 30 MB of RAM.

But still I am using firefox. :( .

aragorn said...

now just hold on a minute... check out how many addons u have installed in the firefox... uninstall them. then open only one tab with google in both browser ... i hope u will find they are more less same... the extra memory usage is totally upon ur choice. and i think you cant blame firefox for these extra memory usage because there are additional softwares attached to it... ;)

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