Tuesday, June 05, 2007

thoughts and confessions

its been long since i last posted a blog in here. and i am still confused about the reason i should blog or why i bloggin should be meaningless. why would anybody care what i think is stopping me from blogging and at the same time why would i care what others think solves the state of ambivalence. in the end this blog turned out as an very irregular meaningless confused thoughts of an doubly confused mind! :-S

last friday i went to a funeral of a parent of my school friend. he is studying in australia these days and thus we haven't meet since 2001. so it was a good get together in his home. while we were chatting his grandma came in and announced that she wanted to be our friend and she felt good watching young people. so we invited her in our conversation. but after sometimes i noticed that the grandma is not talking as we are to0 engaged in our own thoughts and sharing the thoughts. i realized how she wanted to get inside the gathering but failing to do that for the age gap and it made me feel bad. in the course of thoughts she reminded me of my grandma whom i havent visited, for 2/3 years which seemed ages, for some lame excuses. i felt the urge to manage my time 'once again' and go see the dear old face of my nani before there is noway to do that!


Anonymous said...

amra keui to perfect na tai na? bhul hoi-i... ar shei bhuler jonno amra derite holeo afsos kori... you should be happy that you are not too late :)

aragorn said...

thanx auditi... one of my frnd gave me an advise "this world is not perfect and never will be. the one who admits it and tries to face it will win." amar khubi kaje lagtese. :D

Anonymous said...

dekhi amio kaje lagate pari kina :)

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