Friday, June 08, 2007

about corruption

our country is going through a major cleansing in the political parties and all other sectors as possible. mainly the corruption that spread like wild fire and touched almost every single person who can afford to be corrupted. from the top to the bottom. recently a news came out from a minister that our former prime minister helped to set free a murderer in exchange of money!! people know these politicians are corrupted to their bones and yet these bloodsuckers are the only people you have in your option. sad thing is, when the authority has no ethics and a thug itself, every tom, dick and harry will lose their moral degeneracy and be dishonest.

here is an incident that occurred today. the bill collector of our satellite tv connection came to collect this months payment. i was planning to get connection in my computer as well. so i asked him about the procedure to do that. so he said i have to pay 250 tk additional to the normal 300 tk. they dont have anything more to setup and yet these is the charge. one of my friends told me that i can have it with additional 100 tk. i charged him about it and said the fare is not logical. and he gave me a solution like i have to pay 200 tk but these will not be included in the bill. i can have the second connection but the authority does not need to know about it! and i thought isnt he paid enough by his employer?? or its just a opportunity every 'wise' man will take!!!


Anonymous said...

totally pathetic

aragorn said...

you wont want to believe, but this is the true situation in here. :(

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