Tuesday, May 16, 2006

messed up interview

i had waited long for a chance to give an interview in any telecom company in bangladesh. started giving my cv from the september last year. and it is May 2006, and i got one call for interview atlast in Rankstel. though it wasnt easy. i have a friend in there. yes thats the hidden reason of getting my call. it has proved once again, that in our country you wont get a fair chance to fight in your field. you must have someone to back you up. i felt released and guilty at the same time. i am in a split mind, one prayin to get the job and the other not to. i want the job, coz im interested to in the telecom field [coz it has money and prospect], also i dont like my current job. i dont want this particular job, coz if i get it, i have to get it by cheating. now im not sayin im the angel, never done a bad word in life. im sayin if i have to cheat, i must cheat for something more valuable. say getting a job in GP or Ericsson is good enough. muhahahahah.

what i have learnt in the real life is really amazing. before getting the job in Vonair i faced another interview in BJIT, another leading s/w develpoer company from Japan. i was honest with them, answered all the questions well and accurately. so i was asked at the end -
- whats ur future plan?
me: i wish to earn money now. will do the job for at least 2 years, and in the meantime prepare for a scholarship to do my masters.
-u see, uve done well in the interview. but u have to keep it ur mind that, we prefer a reliable, moderate programmer than an unreliable, good programmer!
i nodded as if i understood at that time. the thing was clear later, that it implied they are not hiring me, coz i want to do higher studies. all my friends and family scolded me well for being honest!! so in Vonair when they asked what my future plan was, i said, i will never do my masters. y will i? if im satisfied with the job and the money i dont want any masters!
so they hired me sayin - look we r hiring you only for ur ethics and interest in the field.....:-S

apparently they have thanked me and hired my for losing my ethics. yes thats what reality is.

i had waited for the interview long. which made me exhausted and lost any interest whatsoever to try for it. i was careless and tensed and messed up the total interview. couldnt answer silliest questions. at one point the GM asked me to draw the GSM architecture on a paper. i was triyin hard to write it down, but my hand started betraying me. so the GM offered me another pen, "here, this pen is good".... i blushed and smiled a little and said, "thank u sir, but this pen is ok too. its just my hand is shaking!!" .... :P.... so at the end it seemed like i have made a circus out of myself. i was laughing, they were too. i wish i could see my face at that time! how do i look when i act like a dumb! .... hmmm


Dipu Nobody said...

ericsson !! ericsson !!

[-o< ::praying::

~x( ::lunatic::

:( ::worried::

:) ::warid::

yeah \:D/

aragorn said...

:) :: warid...:P

Anonymous said...

yup..this recommendations r really sucking us..most interestingly its not true for our country only..in many developed countries u need to b recommended by someone to get a chance..even if its a uni..just check this link..
if u wanna get admitted in Virginia Tech..u need to b recommended..:P

aragorn said...

where is the world goin to!!!

Unknown said...

hmm let's see.
Isn't it zakaria shopon , the guy who runs rankstel?
I've heard different stories about rankstel interview you know!
And those frankly didn't included ANY THING related to studies.

Btw one of my friend, who's a BBA grad told me that not all CVs that are dropped to GP, reached the HR division. So it would be better if you have someone working inside who could put your CV there.

aragorn said...

yes zakaria shopon is the guy who runs rankstel... and the interview totally depends on how they want to treat u. not only in rankstel, its true everywhere. may be u dont have to face this problem. as u r from buet, u will get call anywhere u want without someone being inside to help u.

and offcourse not all CV posted to GP reaches HR division. say my CV reaches the HR, they will make it sure that nobody sees that, unless i have someone to refer the CV for me. the HR division is an illusion, so that normal ppl think atleast their CV is in the HR. hahahahahahah. what a farce.

NB: normal ppl = {all ppl} - {buet or someone with a mamu}

Anonymous said...

eta ekebare universal shomoshsha... mama'r jor chara shobkhanei mone hoi kaj pawa kothin... r mama'r jor chara tike thakao kothin... amar ek mama {asholei mama:P} amake ekta coffee shop e dhukiye disilo... 1 mash e ami gayeb... ato durbabohar kore je bolar moto na... tao to amar mama chilo :S ...

arekbar summer e ammu jor kore koi koi apply koraise nijeo jani na... shokal 9 tay pray(!) pitiye ghum theke tule phone agiye diye ammu bole, tomar interview... chokh kochlate kochlate phone dhorlam... hi hello bolar por jiggesh korlo "why did you apply for this job?" ... ami matha chulkai, "jobta jeno ki?" ... "why do you need the job?" .... "ashole amar ghumer dorkar" .... "how much do you expect" .... "beti chakri dibi na janii, ato bhajor bhajor korar ki dorkar" .... "do you have any experience with telecommunicating" .... "communicate-i to kortesi, naki?"

arekbar ek bishal electronics er dokane gelam interview dite... prothome amar bon gelo... ber hoye eshe bole, "ei dokaner history jano kichu?" ... ami boli, "kaj korbo customer service e, history auriye ki jinish bikri hobe na kochu?" .... tarpor jothariti dokaner history shune tune chole ashlam

aragorn said...

u have gathered a lot experience already.. good for u... it will help u later... thanx for sharin...:D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my pleasure .... x-( word verification jalaitese bohut x-(

Mahmudul Hasan said...

Tareq bhai, I have been called for an interview at Vonair today at 1:00 pm.
I am tensed. :(

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